Posted on 2022-02-16

Lignum Pro l62.5

RatPak are pleased to present lignum Pro, from Enviroquest. An excellent solution to many forms of wood boring insects within softwoods, Lignum Pro 162.5 is a water­based microemulsion. Effective against all life stages of the wood boring insect, Lignum Pro is best applied either by low pressure spray or brush. Being water based, the chemical has virtually no odour, is non-flammable, is quick drying and contains no volatile organic compounds. Owing to the effectiveness of the microemulsion technology and the strong permethrin active ingredient, this insecticide not only effectively treats timbers currently infested, but protects timbers from further re­infestation, giving your client peace of mind for years to come. The microemulsion formulation allows for excellent penetration into the affected timber and being a concentrate, it offers excellent value for money with a dilution rate of 24:1. For maximum efficacy, the timber should be as free as possible of dust and other contaminates prior to application and upon completion, the wood should be touch-dry in approx 1 hr. For the professional pest controller considering wood boring insect treatments, Lignum Pro 162.5 offers a convenient and highly effective solution.

Key Features 

  • Microemulsion technology 
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Professional use only 
  • Fast drying and convenient 
  • Low odour and non-flammable

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