Posted on 2022-02-09

Perbio Choc

RatPak are pleased to present Perbio Choc, a strong and ready to use multi¬≠purpose insecticide from Lodi. Strictly for professional use only, this powerful and universal insecticide offers the pest control industry an excellent solution to both flying and crawling insects. Suitable for application via low pressure spray or cold fogging, the versatility of this product is derived from its combination of both Permetherin and Tetrametherin. The combination of both active ingredients gives it an excellent 'knock-down' and still provides a good residual life for the more troublesome areas where re-infestation may occur. Suitable for a huge range of applications such as domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and medical facilities, Perbio Choc should have a place in every professional pest controller's arsenal. Available in both a 5ltr tub and a 1 ltr ready to use spray, this powerful oil-based, multi-purpose insecticide offers convenience and assuredness to any pest professional. 

  • Permetherin and Tetrametherin
  • Available in 1 ltr and 5ltr 
  • Strong, oil-based formulation 
  • Ready to use 
  • For flying and crawling insects

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