Cimetrol Super EW

Cimetrol Super EW


Long regarded as the number one product of choice, especially in bedbug control, Cimetrol is back, and is now better than ever. Cimetrol Super is the next generation of product for the control of insects. Formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion incorporating a micro-capsule suspension, it provides the best of both worlds. It allows rapid access of the active ingredient to the insect through the oil-in-water emulsion, while providing long-lasting and predictable residual control with the microencapsulates.

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This advanced formulation has the multi-action properties of both of its predecessors, Cimetrol and Stingray. Cimetrol Super contains a Type I pyrethroid for fast flushing and knock- down, a Type II pyrethroid for rapid kill of the insects (this new formulation contains five times the active material loading compared to earlier products), a metabolic synergist to bypass insect metabolic resistances, and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), demonstrating a completely different mode of action, to ensure that any stubborn populations never get to pass their resistant properties onto the next generation. Cimetrol Super contains 25% w/w cypermethrin, 10% w/w tetramethrin, 20% w/w piperonyl butoxide and 1% w/w pyriproxyfen.

  • Fast flushing and knockdown action
  • Rapid kill
  • Reliable and long-lasting residual control on all surfaces
  • Formulated to tackle metabolic and genetic resistance
  • Professional use
  • 500ml concentrate